The Camila X Castillo brand was created by New York born ,Venezuelan raised Camila Castillo as her answer to a fashion market saturated with mass made artistically unchallenging designs to offer pieces that could address female sexuality and empower women without disregarding intellect with artistically rich designs, all with their trademark state of the art handmade intricately solved design and innovative material use.
When you order a Camila X Castillo piece , you are entering the unique experience of handmade and sculpturally created pieces thought specifically with you in mind: The risk taker, the boundary pusher,t he edgy style loving woman, as is the designer herself.
A woman that gravitated to fashion as en effective woman empowering tool after years of well formed background in the arts, being the daughter of an art gallery owner , she dealt and learned all the trappings and techniques of the artists hands work, and creative process, translating this solid art foundation combined with her unique design vision , into pieces that combined both that art foundation she so strongly was influenced by and embedding the pieces with a raw sense of woman sensuality as well.
Her work has been showcased in such prestigious fashion weeks as Concept Los Angeles Fashion Week, Vancouver Fashion Week, Australia Eco Fashion Week among others, as well as being featured in highly respected Fashion publications and sites such as Women’s Wear Daily, Vogue UK, Elle Canada , Cosmopolitan, I-D Magazine, Surface Design Magazine, Philocolly Mag, Dark Beauty Magazine,, Tinsel Tokyo Magazine, Venezuelan Newspaper El Nacional Todo En Domingo Sunday magazine special , El Universal Venezuelan newspaper Sunday special Estampas, among others , and has been invited to participate in fashion events such as the Bucharest Fashion Film Festival,.News sections.
Since the onset of her career, a myriad of celebrities have proudly worn Camila X Castillo Couture to fashion premiers and events.
These celebrities include Latin America News anchor Patricia Zavala, Chinese world renowned ground breaking internationally acclaimed actress Bai Ling, American actress Jill Wagner, Fashion influencers known more popularly as Rusted Revolution, American actress Genesis Rodriguez, as well as International Pop singer and Instagram sensation Jhene Aiko., Intenational VJ of the Year Winner Ionee Waterhouse as well, among others.