Product Info

At Camila X Castillo Couture we strive to create fashion pieces that both empower women with their strong proud sensuality, as we firmly want our clients to feel proud and blow away sensual but always maintaining the dignity pride and elegance that is associated with our brand .
We pride ourselves in giving the garments their elegance , uniqueness and edgyness by validating the materials and thus the final product through hours and hours of expert craftsmanship , folding , cutting , knitting and hand weaving method that are usually techniques reserved for sculptures or art pieces but , when applied to garment making balance the sensuality of the piece with its intricate hand work , thus elevating the piece to the level of wearable art , as they have been described by many .
Due to the level of complexity involved in the making of the product and given we create custom made couture only ( which means we work with your body measurements as we create the piece specially for you to ensure a glove like fit ) the elaboration process usually is 4 - 6 weeks .
Upon finishing the piece you can expect to receive it in no longer than 8 to 10 business days.